There’s always a story

This blog is about my own personal experiences, bits and pieces of my own dancing to the beat of life. I don’t really believe that life is a journey. I believe that it is more of a present thing, a one time opportunity, something that’s meant to be enjoyed and savor and celebrate while we have it.


THAT SEXY BACK. The Ninja having his me time in Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte, Philippines. / Photo taken June 2016
Hi, my name is Ray. And welcome to The Voice of a Ninja Blog. As with many other blogs, I have thought about the theme and title of this blog many times over. And I came up with this title for so many reasons, most of them very personal to me.

I am a 30-something guy who is currently based in Manila, Philippines. I love to write about anything under the sun but mostly, I would like to focus on my journey as a millennial who is still discovering himself and always wanting to have his voice heard.

Like many of us, I have had my own fair share of tough and beautiful experiences in life. And that is primarily the reason why I had to name this blog as The Voice of a Ninja. In feudal Japan, ninjas are known to be brave and powerful warriors. They have the ability to move and execute their mission without being seen. They can outwit their enemy and vanish in thin air. Most importantly, they have this awesome ability to bounce back real hard when they are hit by setbacks. On the contrary, this blog is about peace and order for the most part. I intend to focus on issues that affect the common good and recommend better solutions if I know a substantial amount of information about the matter. Otherwise, I will merely voice my personal opinion.

Oh and did I mention I got the idea for The Voice of a Ninja while listening to the song “Voice of an Angel”? Yes, now you know. I’m no angel. I am the sweet combination of good and evil. I can be bad for good reasons, but never too bad. I’m always trying to be good —to be worthy of all the blessings that I get, the people who love me and the friendships that I was able to keep after the rest turned their back on me. So I figured ninja is the best noun that describes me.

Endorsements and sponsorships? That’s not on my priorities for this blog at the moment but definitely in my bucket list. It depends on how well the blog is received.

It is easy to start a personal blog. It is not easy to come up with fresh stuff to keep it going though. I understand this having started many blogs before (seven to be exact) and ending up selling or abandoning them. This time, I wanted to start something that I can continue doing -not finish. Because there is no ending to traveling and discovering one’s self.

As the title above says, there is always a story. With every picture, every backpacking, every hotel, every cup of coffee, every train or bus ride -there is always something to be told. There is always something to learn from. Always a learning experience. And that is what this blog is about; rediscovering one’s self and potential and giving my two cents about issues that affect me as a Filipino, as a person, as a gay man, as a thinking millennial, and as a citizen of the world. Most importantly, this blog is about my own personal experiences; not just with traveling to places but while “dancing” to the beat of life. I say “dancing to the beat” because I don’t really believe that life is a journey. I believe that it is more of a present thing, a one time opportunity, something that’s meant to be enjoyed and savor and celebrate while we have it.

I came across a very powerful video created by the American author Alan Watts and a certain David Lindberg called “Why Your Life is Not a Journey.” The video suggests that we miss the point about life and we often believe it is a journey with a purpose. But in reality, life in this world does not have a destination. The present is all there is to it so we gotta make the most out of it. Life is more of a music meant to be played or dance to, not something to save money for or retire with. It is meant to be enjoyed while we are young, while we can, while it last. And while I still want to believe life is an adventure, that video has totally got me.

I believe that everyone can have an honest opinion. This blog is my outlet. This blog is where I pour out one of my passions. This is where I get to be who I am.

So join me and either enjoy reading or be a part of my story (if you want). Yes, you are welcome to join the conversation. And through this blog, I hope to inspire you and many other souls into bringing a fresh take on traveling, personality development and discovering one’s self.

King Ray, the Ninja

Author: King Ray

King Ray is a 30-something millennial writer currently based in Manila, Philippines. He is a Software Engineer by profession but always a writer at heart. When he's not working in the corporate world, King is either traveling, trading stocks, watching Netflix, reading fiction novels or ghost writing for a variety of news websites and blogs. King finished his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Divine Word College of Calapan and holds a Master in Development Communication from the University of the Philippines-Diliman.

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